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Winter Books for Young Children

Written by Noreen Greimann

Winter is upon us and it’s time for me to share our favorite winter books with you. As with our spring books and autumn books, these made the list not only because of their wonderful stories but also because of the amazing illustrations and photographs.

Some of the books we own and some we pick up at our library every year. It not only cuts down on cost but also greatly reduces the need for more bookshelves in the house. And of course, there is always the possibility that our librarian shares a new book with us.

Our Favorite Winter Books

Winter Books - The MittenThe Mitten by Jan Brett – Ages 2+

This classic story is about a boy who looses one of his white mittens in the snow. One by one the animals seek shelter in it as the mitten expands more and more. Will the little mouse be able to squeeze in? Will the boy find his mitten again?



Winter Books - The HatThe Hat by Jan Brett – Ages 2+

This is another classic winter book by Jan Brett. This time, Lisa’s woolen sock flies off the clothes line and hedgehog thinks it makes a fine hat. At first they other animals make fun of him but soon wonder if he is onto something.



Winter Books - Stranger in the WoodsStranger in the Woods by Carl R. Sams – Ages 3+

This is one of the books we just don’t get tired of reading or even just paging through. The stunning wildlife photography tells the story of a stranger that suddenly appeared after a snow storm. When the animals finally meet the stranger they are surprised by what he has to offer.



Winter Books - First Snow in the WoodsFirst Snow in the Woods by Carl R. Sams – Ages 3+

The first snow is on its way and the animals in the woods prepare for Mother Nature’s spectacle. Once again, the beautiful wildlife photography tells the story along with the delightful writing. A must-have in your winter book collection!



Winter Books - The SnowmanThe Snowman by Raymon Briggs – Ages 2+

A fascinating wordless tale about a young boy who builds a snowman, which comes to live in his dream. That’s when their adventures begin on that wintry night that take them high up into the air. The book has also been turned into a 30-minute wordless movie, which is just as delightful as the book.





Winter Books - The TomtenThe Tomten by Astrid Lindgren – Ages 4+

The Tomten is a small gnome-like creature that cares for the animals on the farm while the rest of the world is alseep. The gently moonlit scenes in the book make this a wonderful story for bedtime.


Winter Books - Bear Snores OnBear Snores On by Karma Wilson – Ages 3+

On a cold wintry night, the woodland animals seek refuge in bear’s cave. While bears sleeps, the animals brew tea, pop corn and have a merry time until…bear wakes up with a big sneeze. He is surprised to see his friends but sad that he missed the party. Fortunately, mouse has an idea.


Winter Books - Owl MoonOwl Moon by Jane Yolen – Ages 3+

We love this story about a father and daughter who venture out into the night under the glow of the full moon in search for an owl. The illustration make you feel like you are truly a part of their adventure. The story has prompted us to spend many evenings outside listening for owls and admiring the moon.





Winter Books - The Big SnowThe Big Snow by Berta and Elmer Hader – Ages 4+

Winter is coming and the woodland animals prepare for the snowy months ahead. When the snow arrives, some animals hurry back into their dens to sleep until spring while the birds, deer and rabbits are desperately searching for food until the blue jays make a surprising discovery.




Over and UnderWinter Books - Over and Under by Kate Messner – Ages 3+

This book takes children on a journey through the winter woods. While the ground is covered with a thick blanket of snow and everything seems quiet, critters are scurrying beneath or have settled in for their winter nap. The deer and other animals leave tracks in the snow to be discovered by little eyes.






Winter Books - The Story of SnowThe Story of Snow by Mark Cassino – Ages 3+

This is a non-fiction book about snowflakes. It tells the story of how snowflakes are made and the many different types of snow crystals and their unique patterns. Young children will be fascinated by the up close images of real snowflakes, while older children will enjoy learning about the science behind snowflakes.



Winter Books - WinterWinter by Gerda Muller – Ages 2+

A board book for little ones like no other. The rich and detailed illustrations in this book can be enjoyed over and over again as there is always something new discover, a new story to tell. This book is part of a set that introduces the seasons to young children and includes spring, summer and autumn.



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