Video: Gardening with Children ~ Entangled Harmony

It’s here!

About two weeks ago, I presented a workshop about gardening with children. I heard from many parents that they would have loved to attend but weren’t able to. So, for all of you that couldn’t come out that night, here is the promised online version.

I was hoping that share this with you via a live webinar but the stars didn’t align and I decided to record it instead. Now you can enjoy it at your convenience.

I actually debated this morning whether to send it out or not because….well, it’s not perfect. My voice is a bit rough and choppy at times as I’m still trying to shake off a stubborn cold. My apologies for that. And I promise the next video will be much better.

What’s covered?

This presentation is geared towards families that want to garden for the first time or have some gardening experience. I go over how to figure out where to set up your garden, the pro’s and con’s of containers and beds, soil, tools, seeds, plants and ideas for how to make the kids part of your gardening adventure.

I realized that I forgot to answer one common question I always hear, which is: “What are good vegetables to grow with children?”

It really depends on what your children like to eat and what they have interest in growing (within reason, of course). Though, there are some crowd pleasers amongst the world of vegetables and they are cherry tomatoes, peas and carrots. Mint is also popular and kids love the fact that they can just pick a leave and chew on it.

Before you hit ‘play’, get a pen and paper to write down any questions you have as you watch the video. You can e-mail me afterwards and I will be happy to answer all your questions and get you off to a great start.

After you watched the video, ask your questions below in the comments or e-mail me. And I will get back to you with answer that will get you on the road to successful gardening.

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