Solar Eclipse Story for Children ~ Entangled Harmony
solar eclipse with children

The Solar Eclipse is coming!

It’s hailed as a once-in-a-lifetime event.

I witnessed my first total solar eclipse hiking in the Italian Alps in August of 1999. I remember coming out of the woods as our trail was winding down the mountain. We stopped every few minutes to gaze at the sun from the very corner of our eyes as we didn’t have anything to directly view the eclipse. Nevertheless, it was breathtaking to notice how everything around us changed. Not only did it get darker, it also grew very, very quiet. The birds really do stop chirping.

As far as I can tell from looking at maps, we were at about 70 to 80% coverage at that time. And that will be about the same coverage we will experience where we are right now (Northeastern US) for this eclipse.

So, what is one to do for this amazing event?


And I happen to think that the best way to start the celebration is with a story. Don’t you agree?

I have received multiple requests for a solar eclipse story over the past few weeks and I want to thank every mom that reached out to me. Without you, I probably would have realized way too late that a story was in order and wouldn’t have been able to deliver in time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Let’s take a look at our story….

This story is about a bear with a big appetite. He wakes up one morning with a rumbling and tumbling belly. On his search for food, he meets three friends who try to help him without success. When the other animals in the forest notice that it is getting darker in the middle of the day, they gather to figure out what is going on. As they try to solve the mystery, one of the animals notices that Bear is missing…

Want to know what happens next and how the story ends?

Download the PDF of the story right here.

To learn more about eclipse and how to view it safely, visit NASA’s website. They will also be streaming the eclipse. Have fun and be safe!!!

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