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Spring Countdown

Our Spring Countdown has begun and Lady Spring is on her way to the Spring Equinox. We follow her on this 10-day journey as she tends to the tender spring flowers, welcomes the birds, and wakes up the animals that have been hibernating all winter.

For instructions on how to add a Spring Countdown to your day, follow these instructions and download the printables.

Every night, I tell my children a story about Lady Spring’s work and adventures and I will be sharing a summary of those story on this page. Use the stories to inspire your own story telling and weave in how nature changes in your area at this time of year.


Lady Spring’s Journey

Lady Spring's Journey Daffodils
Day 1

Mother Earth woke up Lady Spring from her winter slumber and told her that winter was almost over and it was time to wake up the flowers. Lady Spring came out from her cozy nook underground. When she walked across the land, she felt a cool shiver all around her and noticed frost on the grasses and windows of the houses. She knew that it was Jack Frost’s work and called for him. When he came out from behind a tree he told her that it was still his turn and he didn’t want to go to sleep yet. Realizing that Jack Frost wouldn’t listen to her, Lady Spring decided to work extra hard at waking up the flowers and hoped that he would soon get tired. When the bulbs began to push through the ground, she kept them warm and safe. And tomorrow we will see if Jack Frost will still be roaming around or if he has gone to sleep.

Spring Countdown Moss
Day 2

Lady Spring went outside and checked on all the daffodils that she had cared for yesterday, hoping that Jack Frost went to sleep like she had asked him to. But Jack Frost could be a bit stubborn at times and sure enough, it wasn’t long before she saw the sparkling frost in the morning sun. He had once again painted the grasses and delicate mosses. So, Lady Spring got to work and melted the frost and snow crystals that covered the mosses. Drip, drip, drip went the melting snow and ice and gave the mosses a refreshing drink. The once dull green mosses turned bright green and Lady Spring was delighted as bright mossy green was one of her favorite colors.

Spring Countdown Moss
Day 3

The sun was shining and Lady Spring got to work bright and early. As she walked across the meadow, she could see that the ground was covered in something red off in the distance. It turned out to the be red blossoms from the maple tree. Lady Spring picked up some of the delicate blossoms and began to cry. They were only just beginning to open up and she knew right away that Jack Frost had frozen the delicate blossoms. She sat under the maple tree, sobbing when a tree sprite landed right next to her. Lady Spring told the tree sprite about Jack Frost and the blossoms. That’s when the tree sprite had an idea and called all her friends. Together, they gently picked up all the blossoms and carefully glued them back onto the tree with maple’s sap. Lady Spring was grateful for all the help and thanked the tree sprites for their hard work.

Spring Countdown Moss
Day 4

Lady Spring woke up and couldn’t believe her eyes when she peaked outside her window. The world was covered in a blanket of snow. Not knowing what to do she called for Mother Earth who reassured her that all be well. Mother Earth said that she needs to be patient and tomorrow will be a new day. Soon thereafter, Lady Spring head a knock on the door. It was one of the tree sprites that had helped her with the maple blossoms the day before. The tree sprite asked if Lady Spring would want to play in the snow with them. She had never played in the snow before but decided to give it a try. She put on a warm wool coat and boots and out she went. After a day of playing in the snow with the tree sprites she was very tired and went to bed early. She knew she had lots of work waiting for her the following morning.

Spring Countdown Moss
Day 5

When Lady Spring awoke, she could see that the world was still covered in snow and the blustery north winds were blowing. Suddenly she heard a noise coming from the window. It was Mrs. Cardinal pecking at the window. Lady Spring put on her wool coat and boots and stepped outside to see what was going on. As soon as she opened the door, she heard a loud chatter and twittering of birds. At once, they all flew over to hear and chirped “We are hungry. Our food is buried beneath the snow.” Lady Spring ran back inside and returned with a big bag of sunflower seeds. She scattered them across the snow and the birds happily pecked away. “Eat, my friends. There is plenty for everyone,” she told the birds. When her bag of seeds was empty she returned home with a happy heart.

Spring Countdown Moss
Day 6

The sun was shining through the window and tickled Lady Spring’s nose. She was excited to see the bright sun and hopped swiftly out of bed, ready to get to work. There was still snow on the ground but the sun was working hard at melting it and that made Lady Spring very happy. As she walked through the forest, she noticed tracks in the snow and decided to follow them. The tracks led her to a den and when she peaked inside she saw mama and papa fox. They were rather worried about all the snow and asked Lady Spring why winter had returned. Lady Spring reassured them that spring was coming and that they needed to be patient for a little while longer. She realized that the other animals in the forest might also be worried about the snow and decided to pay them all a visit and explain what happened. She walked all day and visited raccoon in the old tree, groundhog in his burrow, rabbit in his den and squirrel and in his nests. And when the day was almost over, Lady Spring thanked the sun for working hard all day and melting the snow.

Spring Countdown Moss
Day 7

It was another sunny day and Lady Spring was eager to head outside. She checked on the spring flowers that were showing their bright green leaves and the tips of their flowers now that the snow had melted. She found raccoon and fox tracks in the muddy soil and greeted the squirrel family high up in the tree. As she wandered along the mossy path in the forest, she came upon an old tree and noticed a little door and a little window in it. She wondered who lived there and when she knocked on the door a little brown gnome opened. He was delighted to see Lady Spring and showed her all the seeds he was sorting and preparing for the garden. He kept one of his best seeds in a special wooden box and told Lady Spring that this was the seed he had selected for the spring equinox celebration. It was tradition that the first seed of the season was to be planted on the first day of spring, which was only 3 days away. Lady Spring thanked the brown gnome and went on her way as she had to make sure that everything was ready for the big day.

Spring Countdown Moss
Day 8

Lady Spring woke up and the world was silent. As she sat at the table eating her breakfast, she thought about what she needed to do to get ready for the celebration. She had woken up the spring flowers and animals. The birds were preparing their nests and the little brown gnome was getting his seeds ready. But there was something missing. She thought and thought…and then she remembered. The sound of spring peepers was missing. She rushed out the door and over to the wetlands where she began to sing. It wasn’t long before the first peeps joined her. She carefully bend down and looked into the grasses to see where the sound was coming from. And there they were, the first spring peepers were waking up and singing their songs. Lady Spring walked through the wetland as she sang and woke up all the little frogs and by the end of the day, the most delightful chorus of peeping filled the air.

Spring Countdown Creek
Day 9

Over the past few days, Lady Spring had visited the meadow and the forest but there was one place she hadn’t been to…the little creek at the far end of the meadow. She decided to take a walk through the meadow and see what the creek was doing. From a distance, she was surprised to hear the rushing of the water. The little creek usually only let out a gently trickling sound. As Lady Spring got closer, she was even more surprised to see that the little creek had become a big creek. The water was almost up to the top of the bank and it was rushing faster than she had ever seen it. Toad, who lived under a rock by the creek, told Lady Spring that the water from the melting snow had been flowing into the creek and made it swell. The not-so-little creek was proud to have grown so big. And Lady Spring knew the creek would do a fine job carrying the water all the way to the ocean.

Spring Countdown Crocus
Day 10

The big day had arrived. Everyone in the land had been busy preparing for the Spring Equinox celebration. And Lady Spring was thrilled to see that her hard work of waking up the flowers and animals and keeping them safe during the unexpected snowstorm had paid off. All day the animals, fairies, gnomes and tree sprites prepared food and then gathered around a bonfire in the evening. Little brown gnome brought the first seed of the season, which they planted in the middle of the meadow. There was lots of singing and dancing into the night as everyone celebrated the beginning of spring.

Come back tomorrow for a new story about Lady Spring’s Journey.

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