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How to Create a Spring Countdown

Written by Noreen Greimann

“Mama, come look. I have to show you something. Come!” shouted my 4-year old as he dashed back outside. I followed him as quickly as I could around the house and past the garden. We finally came to a stop by the viburnum bush in our front yard.

“Look!” he said and pointed to a patch of the prettiest yellow flowers you have ever seen. Okay, I may be a bit exaggerating but you can’t blame anyone for that when they come out of a very grey winter.

winter aconite

I got down on my knees and together we admired the first aconite of the season.

Every year, my children check our property daily for new spring flowers popping up. They remember the spots well from previous years… purple crocuses around the maple in the front yard, the tiny clump of snowdrops by the front step, tulips and hyacinths by the half-rotten tree on the hill, mini daffodils and grape hyacinths in the flower bed by the deck. And then there is the dense row of daffodils along our fence, which are my favorite.


I love the energy spring brings with it. Everything is bursting with life.

Flowers blooming. Grass growing. Honey bees buzzing. Children running…non-stop!

To celebrate this energizing time of year, we thought it would be fun to countdown to the official first day of spring. Last year was our first time and my children LOVED it.

FREE Spring Countdown Printable | Spring Countdown | Spring Countdown for Kids | Counting Down to Spring

Countdown to Spring

For our countdown we follow the journey of Lady Spring, who wanders through the land and wakes up the spring flowers, welcomes back the birds and calls for the grasses and leaves to grow. Every time we venture outdoors, we keep an eye out for anything that might have changed…a new crocus showing off its purple petals…or the willows revealing their soft buds.

Follow these simple steps to create your own countdown to spring.


MaterialsSpring Countdown Printable
  • Spring Countdown Bundle download here (includes B&W and color printable PLUS a spring scavenger hunt)
  • Card stock – if you do not have card stock on hand, you can also print on copy paper and glue it to cardboard
  • Colored pencils, crayons, markers or watercolors
  • Peg doll for Lady Spring, a pebble, marble or similar object
  1. Print the Spring Countdown onto card stock. You may leave it as is or cut the top of the paper following the flowers as in the picture above.
  2. Now you and your child can add some color in any way you desire.
  3. Paint the peg doll if you like. Ours is spring green with golden hair. Of course, you can also go with the natural wooden color. And if you don’t have a peg doll, find a special rock, marble or something else that speaks to you.
  4. Score the paper between the circle path and the bulbs and then fold so that the path lays flat and the flowers stand up.
  5. In our house, Lady Spring arrives on March 11th and I place her next to our countdown. The next morning, one of my children moves her to the first circle on her path and the following day it’s the other child’s turn. Adjust this simple process to your needs. This would also be a lovely addition to a circle time if that is part of your day.
  6. Head outside and look for signs of spring. Use these stories about Lady Spring and make up your own based on what spring looks like in your area.

In addition to counting down, there are many other ways you can celebrate the arrival of spring with your children. Here are a few of our favorites:


  • go on a spring scavenger hunt (included in the bundle)
  • read our favorite spring books and gardening books
  • go outside and draw what we see…spring flowers, budding trees, green grass, etc.
  • plan a festive meal for the Spring Equinox
  • display the treasures we find outside on our nature shelf
  • plan out our garden and buy seeds

When does spring arrive in your area and how do you celebrate and enjoy this time of year? Comment below…

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