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FREE Story: A stick, a leaf and a new friendship

Written by Noreen Greimann

Fall is in the air.

At least during the very early morning hours before the sun rises high and reminds us that it is still summer. While I savor these warm days filled with water play and popsicles, I can’t help but long for fall. This morning, I was working with a mom on setting up an applesauce making workshop for her MOMS club. I could practically taste the warm applesauce and feel the cool breeze.

With the new season just around the corner, it is also time for a new issue of Sophie & Max. When I first put together the September issue I knew that I needed to include our favorite Apple Start story. And I also knew that Steve the Stick was going to have a part in it.

Steve the Stick came about one day during summer camp when I was trying to come up with a simple story to introduce a stick activity we were going to do that day. That first version was very short but the kids LOVED it. I hadn’t intended for it to be about how to make new friends but that’s the beautiful nature of storytelling. You never exactly know where the story might go.

The story takes place in Sophie and Max’s backyard where, one blustery fall day, a strong wind gust breaks off a branch and sends it tumbling to the ground. Suddenly, the branch is all alone and misses his friends, the other branches, that are still high up in the tree.

Download the story and activity page and find out what happens next….

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Download the FREE Story & Activity Pages
It’s the perfect story to calm those back-to-school jitters and for any other situation where your child might feel a bit alone. AND the story has an open ending, inviting your child to finish it.

For a nature activity to go along with this story, learn how to make stick people with your child.

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