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6 Creative Pine Cone Crafts & Play Ideas

Have you ever walked over an area littered with pine cones? In our yard, we have about a dozen very, very tall white pines. And on those very, very tall white pines grow many, many pine cones. And when those pine cones come falling down, it can be hard to...

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How to Dry Acorns, Sticks and Pine Cones for Play

When the cool breezes of autumn begin to blow and the leaves show the first specks of yellow and orange, my children and I turn into gatherers. Not because we have to like our friends the squirrels but because we love it and just can’t help ourselves. Acorns, pine...

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Solar Eclipse Story for Children

The Solar Eclipse is coming! It's hailed as a once-in-a-lifetime event. I witnessed my first total solar eclipse hiking in the Italian Alps in August of 1999. I remember coming out of the woods as our trail was winding down the mountain. We stopped every few minutes...

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How to Create a Spring Countdown

“Mama, come look. I have to show you something. Come!” shouted my 4-year old as he dashed back outside. I followed him as quickly as I could around the house and past the garden. We finally came to a stop by the viburnum bush in our front yard. “Look!” he said and...

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Winter Books for Young Children

Winter is upon us and it's time for me to share our favorite winter books with you. As with our spring books and autumn books, these made the list not only because of their wonderful stories but also because of the amazing illustrations and photographs. Some of the...

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Sophie & Max

A collection of seasonal stories and activities for young children.

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Hi, I’m Noreen Greimann, founder of Entangled Harmony, and I am a mom just like you. I work with parents who struggle with finding the right balance of activities for their children. I show them how to give their children everything they need to thrive without jumping through hoops. Taking the overwhelm out of planning activities and replacing it with moments of joy is what my work is all about.

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