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Advent Calendar Ideas for Kids | Printable Advent Calendar for Children

Advent Calendars for Kids – Simple, Playful and Magical

Written by Noreen Greimann

Advent calendars have always been a part of my life. Even as a young adult with no children of my own, my mom sent me an advent calendar from Germany every year. The Christmas season wouldn’t have been the same without one.

My love for advent calendars seems to grow every year and today I want to share some of our favorites with you. Some are simple, others require a bit more time to put together but they are all utterly delightful and bring the magic of Christmas to life.


Paper Chain Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Ideas for Kids | Simple Advent Calendar Kids will Love - Gingerbread Village, Paper Chains, Audio Stories and more

I love this one because it’s so simple, yet brings so much joy. I remember my daughter waking up every morning and running to the paper chain to cut off a link. She was about 2.5 at the time and was still learning to cut with scissors. So she was not only excited about getting closer to Christmas but also about the fact that she was able to cut the paper all by herself.

To make it, use any kind of colored paper strips you like and tape, glue or staple them together. Red and green, white and red, all different colors, festive scrapbook paper….the choice is yours. And of course, you can always make these fun paper chains for decoration and enjoy them all season long.


Sparkle Stories Audio Advent Calendar

We are long-time fans of Sparkle Stories and love everything about them. We first started using them on our long trips to Europe and now my kids listen to them regularly.

They have two different advent calendars to choose from. One is about a brother and sister called Martin & Sylvia and the one features a wonderful group of animals that all live together at a junkyard.

Every day, children get to listen to a new story, which is part of a bigger story. So, while the stories are continuous, it’s not a problem if you skip a story.

If you’re not familiar with Sparkle Stories and are not sure which advent calendar might be best for your kids, I recommend checking out these free Thanksgiving stories featuring Martin and Sylvia. And you can also listen to the first story from the Junkyard Tales Advent Calendar for free.


Winter Village Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Ideas for Kids | Wooden Winter Village Advent Calendar

I wish I had a better picture of this to show you but this in-process picture is all I have. This advent calendar definitely required the most time to put together, but it was so worth it. Each day, my children opened a new package, which revealed wooden houses, trees, snowmen, peg people or snowflakes. And each day, the village grew and my children had such a wonderful time playing. This set has since become part of our block and toy collection and is still played with, especially during the winter when we find ourselves indoors more.

Advent Calendar Ideas for Kids | Wooden Winter Village Advent Calendar

Many of the wooden items (trees, snowmen, peg people and snowflakes) I purchased online from Casey’s Wood and Amazon. The houses were cut from 2×4’s by my husband and then I sanded the rough edges to make them smooth for little hands.


Gingerbread Village Advent Calendar

Gingerbread Village Advent Calendar | Printable Advent Calendar for Kids | DIY Gingerbread Houses Display

And now we’ve arrived at this year’s advent calendar. This one took a few weeks to design and draw but like the winter village advent calendar, it will give us many joyful hours of coloring, playing and making up stories.

And lucky for you, you won’t have to spend hours drawing your own gingerbread village, but can download the set from my store.

Gingerbread Village Advent Calendar Download

This is a short clip about how the gingerbread village comes to life.

And because in our house we simply can’t have too many advent calendars, my children will each have their own gingerbread village calendar, we will listen to the sparkle stories advent calendar and they will each have a paper advent calendar from Germany.

To a joyful season ahead!

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