Hi, I’m Noreen Greimann and I love helping families create the perfect childhood for their children.


Want to learn a little bit more about me and the idea of Entangled Harmony?

I had all the answers,…so I thought.

I have been working with young children and their families for over 20 years. Before our daughter was born, I thought I had it all figured out. I had watched countless families navigate their way through parenthood; struggling to discipline, getting their kids to eat, trying a million methods to potty train, creating special memories despite being exhausted, trying their very best and still not succeeding.

And looking in from the outside, the solutions to their problems were always very obvious to me.

A tangled mess.

Life changed the day our daughter was born. We were not so sure of ourselves anymore. I began to second-guess myself. And looking online for answers was not helping. The more I searched for answers, the more I doubted myself. It became a vicious cycle. Every week, I came across a new article telling me what to do and what not to do. I had to admit that I was no different than all the other parents before me.

Fast forward 2 years…another child, a baby boy. I was now trying to satisfy both their needs. I had also quit my job as a preschool director and started my own business, a nature-based program for young children. Most preschools were following an academic curriculum, which didn’t feel right to me.

While I believed in the value of play and the importance of fostering a connection to nature, I couldn’t shake the feeling that my kids were not going to be properly prepared for Kindergarten.

And so the journey began..

I stuck to my intuition and did not expose my children to any formal learning of letters, numbers and shapes, nor did I enroll them in classes and enrichment activities. In the meantime, I was determined to find out what the best way is for children to learn in today’s world.

I had enjoyed a wonderful childhood growing up in a small village in Germany and I felt that it had prepared me well for life. But that alone wasn’t enough to make me sure of my choices for my own children. I began to read…..a lot. Parenting, teaching methods, school models, psychology, you name it. A common thread emerged.

And I was not only reading about it but I could see it unfold in front of my own eyes as I watched our children grow. It was time to step outside of the race to nowhere and commit to a life that was fulfilling and satisfying for the entire family. Trying to untangle our complicated lives and create a magical and rich childhood for my children has been the most insightful journey I have ever been on.

A journey that led me to the idea of Entangled Harmony.

Here is what Entangled Harmony looks like for our family.

Routines and rhythms that respect the basic needs for sleep, food and love.

Activities we enjoy wholeheartedly and that replenish us.

Gardening, cooking, baking, beekeeping, traveling, hiking, woodworking, pottery, and kayaking.

Things we value.

Our children spending time outdoors, playing, exploring and letting their imagination run free. Our almost TV-free live (it wasn’t always like that). Producing more than we are consuming, whether it’s to our own benefit or that of our friends and community.

What will your Entangled Harmony look like?

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