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Have you ever walked over an area littered with pine cones?

In our yard, we have about a dozen very, very tall white pines. And on those very, very tall white pines grow many, many pine cones. And when those pine cones come falling down, it can be hard to walk. One year, it was so bad that I decided to challenge my kids to see who can fill up a bucket of pine cones the fastest.

Fortunately, we love pine cones and have found a few different ways of putting them to good use.

I put together two short videos to show you how we use pine cones both outdoors and indoors. If you are bringing pine cones inside, be sure to read the brief instructions on how to rid the pine cones of any potential critters and sticky sap.

Pine Cone Activities for Outdoors

In this video I share three simple ways you can use pine cones in your own backyard or when you are out on a hike.

One activity I forgot to mention in the video is “Gather, Dump, and Toss”. Toddlers are especially drawn to this and most of them don’t need us to remind them of these instinctual activities. But if your little one needs a bit of inspiration, hand them a bucket or a basket so they can gather their pine cones only to dump them out again 2 minutes later. Trying to toss them into the bucket or at a tree adds a fun challenge.

Pine Cone Crafts and Play Ideas

Pine cones often find their way into my children’s play and they always surprise me with how they use them, which is why we have a basket of pine cones in our play area. They also like to use them as trees and I explain how to get the tall pine cones to stand up in the video.

I’m not a big fan of making crafts for the sake of making them. And crafting with pine cones can be a bit tricky especially for young children. Keep that in mind when you come across these adorable looking pine cone crafts on Pinterest. It may be more frustrating than it looks and your child may enjoy a simple pine cone just as much. And you will get to keep your sanity.

Next time you head outside, keep an eye out for pine cones. You could even start a pine cone collection.

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