Meet Sophie & Max

A brother and sister with a love for mud pies, a passion for tinkering and an infinite imagination that takes them on delightful adventures through the seasons.

Join Sophie & Max and follow along with your child each month.

Read the stories. Do the activities. And watch the magic unfold.


Stories that inspire

The adventures of Sophie & Max are captured in original short stories. A second story line tells the tales of the animals that live in their yard and the forest behind their house. Each story is the starting point for the activities included in each monthly issue.

Storytelling is a wonderful gift for your child as it gives them the opportunity to paint their own pictures in their mind versus merely looking at the pictures in a story book. They become part of the storytelling experience, which nurtures their imagination. Children begin to tell their own stories and weave those stories into their imaginative play, bringing toys and treasures from nature to life in a whole new way.

Activities that engage

The activities go hand in hand with the stories and invite your child to set out on their own adventures…all without the need for fancy materials or long preparation.

From learning to cook and bake, to exploring nature to crafting and creating, this series is your trusted guide throughout the year. Detailed descriptions and tested by 100’s of children, you can rest assured that the activities will be a success no matter your skill level.

All activities can easily be adjusted to your child’s age and interests, which allows these stories and activities to grow with your child and become part of your yearly rhythms and traditions.

A Year of Sophie & Max – 12 Monthly Issues

Testimonials from moms like you…

Just a quick note to say that I love your January Sophie and Max packet!! This was exactly what we needed. I’ve been doing a more academic first grade for my son but decided to drop it lately as I want something that inspires all of us (including the 4 year old). We read A Wish For Snow today, took a walk to look for sticks, and made the snow wands today. We had so much fun!! What a great way to combat post holiday/winter blahs. Thanks so much for this!!

Amber J.

Thanks, Noreen, for putting together a great packet to keep us busy this summer! We were bummed when we couldn’t come to your awesome nature program anymore after we moved. But we have been doing the summer stories and activities for a few weeks now and my son is really enjoying them.



Laura B.

On the fence about whether to spend a few bucks on this printable with all the free printables out there? Delay no longer. Best handful of bucks you’ll spend this season!  My 6 year old loved the open-ended drawing space and loved making observations and writing about his own garden with all the prompts.  My 4 year old especially loved the ‘how-to-draw’ pages and loved drawing all the garden animals.  The directions were easy to follow and were just enough for him to add his own creative angle as well.  As a parent, I felt there was the perfect balance of activities we could do together and some the kids could do on their own as well.  Thank you for creating and sharing!

Rachel F.

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